Boat Yard Services

Channel Island Boat Sales are pleased to offer our clients a range of services. These include; routine maintenance, lifting and banksman services, professional advice and repairs, equipment hire, valuations, guardiennage, project management and canvas repairs and replacement.

Routine Maintenance

We offer high quality boat maintenance services for all types of boats. Our professional team will power wash, anti-foul, compound, polish and replace anodes as required. Experienced in major engine/stern-drive maintenance we provide a quality service at competitive

Lifting & Banksman Services

Our experienced team of Banksmen are certified in accordance with the Health and Safety at Work (Jersey) Law. There are 2 hoists, both of which operate 3 hours either side of high water, all year round.

A 65 ton dock hoist capable of lifting vessels up to 35 metres in length, with a beam up to 6.2 metres. A 25 ton slipway hoist capable of lifting vessels up to 15 metres in length, with a beam up to 4.5 metres.

Expert Advice & Repairs

A premier boat repair and maintenance provider in Jersey, we provide our customers with the best available package. Superior service, knowledge, and workmanship from our professional, conscientious and well equipped team.

Our assessment will include advice and consultation on the most suitable repair, materials, and timescales.

Equipment Hire

For owners who prefer to work on their own boats we have a selection of yacht cradles, blocks, and stands for hire. These can accommodate motor yachts to 65 tonnes and keel boats up to 55′. We also have pressure washers and scaffolding available at reasonable rates.

Professional Valuations

Every boat has its own value depending upon its year, manufacturer, engine ratings and overall condition. With access to a comprehensive database providing current information on boat sales throughout Europe, our experienced staff can accurately assess the value of any boat for sale, to sell, or insure.

If you are interested to know the value of your own boat please contact us.


Our Guardiennage services are tailor made to suit your requirements, guaranteeing turn key boating.

Our services include regular visual inspections, maintenance, mechanical support and emergency cover, offering reassurance for owners with busy schedules and travel constraints.

Insurance Claim Project Management

Professional management of insurance claims and repairs are vital to trouble-free settlement resolution.  Our close relationships with Marine Insurers, Adjusters and Surveyors allow us to work with them to ensure a fast claims procedure, helping you return to boating without undue delay.

To discuss your requirements please contact us either by phone or by completing the form on our contact page.